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The Bar Trading Group is an international investment management company providing comprehensive investment and bank operation options. The Bar Trading Group was established in New York by a private investment group with more than 30 years of experience in banking and has expanded its area of activity to Europe, Asia, and Central and South America. The Bar Trading Group is commited to build global investment networks as an international finance management company, and would look to contribute to the realization of true global harmony with all of you from the aspect of international finance.

Investment Result News

These are the results of the investment projects handled by the Bar Trading Group.

Message from the Chairman

"Absolute Integrity"

This is the motto that we have continued to comply and use to encourage ourselves, to rule ourselves since our founding 29 years ago. Over the course of this time, no matter how rapid and drastic the world has continued to change, we have consistently executed this principle without change or opposition. And as a result of constant efforts, we are now able to provide financial products and financial services to our customers, and we are able to gain customer trust and satisfaction. Today, we have established a long-term desirable and favorable relationship and friendship with all our clients.

The Bar Trading Group is able to provide financial services and win-win solutions extending to all areas. Today, our single most important objective is to keep the promises we make to our clients. Furthermore, we exert all of our energy into building a company that is able to provide a customized total solution that can respond to any demand of our clients. We presume that it is our mission to satisfy the expectations of our clients through every possible method. We believe that we can prove our worth in this way.

Your active participation is more than welcome. When we stand together, we will become a group with the most competitive power in the finance industry.

Thank you very much.

Chairman/Chief Trading Strategist
Dr, Samuel D.C Barbosa

  • · Worked in the finance industry for over 25 years as DELTA 21
    From Brazil. Studied economics at the FGV-Getulio Vargas Foundation, and earned his doctorate in economics at Boston University. Lived in Europe for 22 years and the past five years in Asia.
  • · Mondial Investment Trust - Partner/Managing Director
  • · Travistock Limited UK- Director
  • · Medallion Credit Group/Medallion Credit of New York (currently Medallion Bank) - Partner/Chief Trading Strategist
  • · Universal Trading Corporation (UNITRADE) - CFO/Trader
  • · Worldtrust Investment Holdings (Luxembourg) - Senior Partner
  • · Bar Trading Group Senior Partner/Chairman (Group Chief Executive and CEO)