Utilizing True Breakthrough Technology

Utilizing True Breakthrough Technology
First Investment of 1 Billion Euros in the Brazil/Ecotown Construction Project

Bar Trading Japan (Representative: Jin Hase), with the entrustment from NEDO of Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry in 2002 and 2004, implemented the International Co-research Leading Survey of Brazil to protect that country's environment, improve its people's livelihood, develop environmental operations, and create new opportunities for economic growth under the name Brazil/Ecotown Construction Project with High Temperature Melting of Waste Material/Recycling System as the Core.

At the same time, the committee of the Bar Trading Group (Representative: Dr. Samuels D.C Barbosa) consisting of Dr. Samuels D.C Barbosa and his colleagues was working on the Global Reconciliation Plan with Asset Liberation at the Core to build true peace and safety around the world through the establishment of a justified/fair international finance system.

These two small movements resonated with each another, and a strong trustworthy alliance was formed. Since then, as a result of a decade of accumulated efforts, with the participation of the SAMA Group, a new facilitator, the decision to make the first investment of 1 billion USD was made. With this, finally, the first step toward the realization of The Grand Plan: Ecotown Project was taken.

The Grand Plan looks to reform the autonomous bodies of Brazil as a whole into energetic and harmonic-type/resource recycling-type cities/ecotowns, and it is a project that plans to vastly improve the quality of life of the Brazilian people. The plan does not stop there, as it looks to utilize true breakthrough technology that human beings have not been able to fully leverage, and totally resolve the 3E Trilemma Issues that modern humans face, where environmental issues, energy issues, and economic issues intervene with complexity. It is a project that realizes new growth and reconciliation around the world.