Investment in Cutting-edge Cancer Immunotherapy Integrative Medicine

Cutting-edge Integrative Medicine/Cancer Immunotherapy Treatment
Committing to the Global Project of Hyperthermia System
First Investment of 25 Million Euros

The American scientific magazine Science selected Cancer Immunotherapy “the 2013 Breakthrough in Science” as an extremely captivating treatment that utilizes the human immune system.

In the ten years leading to this, in as early as 2003, the Japan Immune Activation Medical Research Institute, the pioneer of immunotherapy in Japan, opened a hospital mainly focusing on immunotherapy for cancer, and has strived to research/develop non-invasive medical technology that does not harm the body within clinics. As a result of this, the aforementioned institute succeeded in the development of the <Cutting-edge Cancer Integrative Immunotherapy, Hyperthermia System,>which integrates immune activation enzyme treatment and high frequency Hyperthermia treatment.

Today, the treatment results of the Hyperthermia System have increased to more than 25,000 cases, and the number of clinical papers written on the subject is number one in the world. Many cases, as well as the safety and efficacy of the treatment, have been reported. Hyperthermia can be applied simultaneously with surgery, radiation treatment, chemical treatment, immunotherapy, and conventional cancer treatment in a friendly manner, and many specific cases of heightened effects due to the treatment have been reported. As a new sure-fire treatment for cancer, expectations from around the world are increasing.

The Bar Trading Group is certain that this breakthrough technology/alternative technology will make a contribution to the world, and has committed to the realization of deploying the project globally.