BAR TRADING JAPAN Business Content

Bar Trading Japan controls an investment pool of more than 1 billion euros for leading investors and supports daily investor financial management. This co-management use alliance of the investment funds makes it possible to access larger investment portfolios for investors, and Bar Trading Japan allows active trading of bonds and securities with the purpose of generating even more profit.

Furthermore, Bar Trading Japan [HK] Limited was established in 2014, and has expanded its business activities to Hong Kong. Our current Asian portfolio consists of cash and structured bonds and securities easily exceeding 40 billion euros, and since its establishment, we have consistently protected the Asian portfolio.

Bar Trading Japan conducts its business by firmly adhering to the following two investment philosophies and investment purposes:
1. Minimizing the risk of permanent capital loss.
2. To achieve long-term investment return exceeding the medium-term after the adjustment of prioritized risks.

The current goal of Bar Trading Japan is to establish the first highly-reliable bond fund with our current investors. This is because it makes it possible to access markets outside of Asia and diversify risks for our clients.