BAR TRADING JAPAN Greeting from the President

What we learned from Dr. Samuel D.C. Barbosa:
The importance of strategic readiness with issue awareness and realistic effectiveness that looks directly at reality. This is expressed in the missions and visions shared by all members of the Bar Trading Group.

Jin Hase

He said:
A major issue of today's world is the financial unfairness that exists among the people of various countries around the globe. True global harmony can only be achieved through the establishment of a justified, fair, and balanced international financial system that works fairly for the people of each country or region. This is unquestionably something that should be achieved by the current generation, and we -- not anyone else -- must communicate this appropriate and desirable heritage to the next generation.

Bar Trading Japan as a whole must open a new era of international finance with Dr. Samuel and our friends, and with the people of various countries and regions around the world, we look to commit, facilitate, and contribute to the realization of true global harmony.

Jin Hase
Representative Director and President
Bar Trading Japan

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