BAR TRADING GROUP Group Business Content

Group Business Content

The Bar Trading Group will provide innovative financial solutions not hindered by preconceived notions, in addition to various alternative financing or alternative funding, through solutions and programs such as asset monetization, bank guarantees, standby L/Cs, medium term notes, trade management programs, high yield trade programs, and private placement programs.

Furthermore, utilizing true breakthrough technology and alternative technology, the Bar Trading Group works to facilitate various projects to fundamentally resolve the various issues faced by humanity.

Through providing financial solution programs and the facilitation of breakthrough projects, the Bar Trading Group is committed to the realization of truly rich global harmony.

Opening a new era of international finance BAR TRADING GROUP

By forming an extremely important alliance with the Bar Trading Group, Bar Trading Japan Co., Ltd., was founded in 2006. It was an integration of a long-term alliance and portfolio that has been thoroughly organized from 1991.

Bar Trading Japan specializes in investment management, project funding, capital markets, foreign exchange, financial advice, retirement pensions, tax management and asset protection.