The mission of the Bar Trading Group --
and the strategic plan for achieving this mission --
backed by an unwavering principle that aims for true global harmony.

Assets Liberation Strategy

The mission of modern people is to resolve the various issues we face and to accelerate harmonic development through human civilization to the best of our abilities. We at the Bar Trading Group look to contribute to the realization of this mission from the aspect of international finance.

To this day, human beings have accumulated various assets around the world.
By liberating these assets through special licenses secured by special international finance expertise, we contribute to resolve the various issues that today's international society faces.
This is the Asset Liberation Strategy, the Bar Trading Group's core competence.

Breakthrough Technology Strategy

The true "breakthrough scientific strategy" already exists and is right in front of us.

The discovery of true breakthrough technology that exceeds the limits of the past.
The creation of various projects that utilize this technology.
Furthermore, the building of a movement that resolves various issues.
This is the Bar Trading Group's Breakthrough Technology Strategy. We commit to the realization of projects that utilize this breakthrough technology.

Consciousness Revolution Strategy

The global deployment of the Breakthrough Project based on the Asset Liberation Strategy will cause a consciousness revolution among people and bring on the enhancement of human energy.

Furthermore, this will become the driving force for the realization of true global harmony.
What the Bar Trading Group desires is the opening of the beginning to the true understanding of the world and the realization of true global harmony.